The Ships Logs of the Dionysus II

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Captain Ophelia Rose: Journal #2
captain ophelia rose
captopheliarose wrote in dionysus2
It has been exactly one week since I first met the man on the street. Since then I have found out that he truly is from the upper crust of society, his name is Lord Towers, and he has an affinity for ferrets. These are all things that I would definitely appreciate in an ally, though I would prefer him as a member of my crew. He's not first mate material, but I could tell he has a love of mechanics from the smell of oil radiating off his skin. Not exactly the mark of a gentleman, but quite refreshing to say the least.

I've come into port once again at the same spot. I know for a fact he will be here. I could see the pain in his eyes when he could not readily accept my request to join the ship, so he will definitely be here to prove himself.


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