The Ships Logs of the Dionysus II

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Captain Ophelia Rose: Journal #1
captain ophelia rose
captopheliarose wrote in dionysus2
I am the only surviving member of the Dionysus, maybe even the whole Olympian fleet. As a Captain, this is quite shaming and humiliating but I must be alive for a specific purpose. That is my reason for resurrecting the Dionysus and searching the sky for any remnants of the Great Sky War. There must be another airship pirate in the same dilemma as me.

I will admit to sometimes hating the fact that I am alone on this ship. Well, not completely alone. I do believe that James's spirit is with me somehow.

A man followed me on the street today. I must be more careful to block my presence better and I definitely must stop forgetting to put on proper attire before going about town. I tend to forget that trousers on women is not acceptable attire here and not everyone appreciates individuality. Yet another reason why I could never go back to my old life... whatever that life was. I probably couldn't even if I tried.

Anyway, I digress. This man had an energy and presence like James used to adorn. I offered him the exact same offer I did James, as some sort of test, and I must admit that I was more than a bit crushed that he could not accept my offer. I must still be blinded by the past.

I do knowing I will be seeing him again. I am absolutely sure of that.


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