The Ships Logs of the Dionysus II

Convention Report: Steamcon 2009
captain ophelia rose
Steamcon 2009: A Steampunk Steamposium
Seatac Marriott Hotel
October 23-25, 2009
Badge Name: Captain Ophelia Rose
Badge Level: Patron
Number of Ribbons Acquired: 33
Pictures from the Convention:

I got to the convention at about 2:30PM, much later than I originally planned because of midterms and school and being fail. It took forever for me to find the line for patrons at registration, but when I did I was so happy. The badges were fantastic; much better than the other cons that I’d been to before.

Then it came time for me to start my shift in the green room with the other hospitality staff and volunteers. That room soon became my favourite room in the whole convention. The food provided was amazing and the people who came in and out were so fun to chat with. Sadly, after that first hour of being in there I was drafted to be a runner for IT because they were quite understaffed and needed someone to take care of finding people while panels were set up and the movie room got dealt with.

One of my runnings took me back to the green room where I met up with Captain Robert and when I introduced myself, I nearly fangasmed when he thought that my name seemed familiar and he practically remembered my partner (Dr. Cornelius Mech) and myself. Loved it and am so proud that I kept my composure during it all.

Later on that evening was the Pacific Northwest Steampunks photoshoot for the group I started on Steampunk Empire (please join!). We first met up in the Abney Park sing-a-long, but since only my partner and I were really interested in the event, the group took itself outside for pictures. That was interesting and I cannot wait to see the products of that photoshoot.

Then my partner and I realized that we’d promised Captain Robert personally that we’d be in the sing-a-long so we had to dash back over to it and leave the photoshoot early. It was so great to sing-a-long with Abney Park and the fun songs that were chosen for the set list. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ftw.

After that was the Patron Reception. The cheese I had during it was so great, even though I’m not supposed to have cheese. XD My partner told me that the wine was also quite lovely. He had the red and said it complemented everything quite nicely.

Met up with Captain Robert again and tried to show him where a specific panel was, but we all got lost. It was great to just chat with him while that adventure went down, though.

The dance finally opened up to all convention goers and I went in to have some fun. Just a minute after I got in, “Zydrate Anatomy” from REPO! The Genetic Opera came on and I freaked out and got to dancing.

Got to the convention super early to help with setting up the photo salon; there wasn’t many tasks for me to do until they were setting up the lighting and needed a model, which was a ton of fun. I love being the subject of a photo shoot. Almost immediately after, my partner and I got our pictures done in the photo salon. They are quite interesting and I have not decided if I want to put them online or not because they ended up turning out quite intimate due to our photographer’s direction.

Hung out in the green room and had amazing quiche. That is an event in itself because quiches are fantastic and filling.

Next big event was the tea party. It was interesting. Originally I wasn’t going to go, but my partner bought me a ticket for it anyway. I met a lovely lady whose mobile number I meant to get so I can remind her about meetings at The Wayward, but since we left a bit early… I totally forgot. The food was so so, but I loved the tea.

Went back to the photo salon dressed in our tea party outfits to take pictures as the Time Traveler and his Wife. They are silly, almost. Then we found the Abney Park table and took pictures of Leaves, the Dionysus II’s airship pet, with the AP plushies. Loved them!
I was then awarded a Steamcon Award ribbon, which made me really happy. It still does. All of the ribbons on my badge make me so happy and I’m completely grateful for all of them.
For the first time ever, I went into a convention gaming room and ran a game. I ran a game of Farkle and taught a couple of people how to play and they are now addicted. I think I will talk to the gaming lady next year and schedule a slot for Farkle on Friday and Saturday of the convention.

Before the concert I had to help with a last minute gluten-free food run for Unwoman. This was probably my “White Knight” moment and the errand of which I am most proud. I also hope she got enough to eat since it took forever (for which I apologise) and I do not like to see people go hungry before they have to do something.

The Airship Invasion Concert was amazing. First up was Unwoman and she is such a beautiful performer. Her songs just sent me into a state of bliss; if I wasn’t sent on an errand during her set, I would have heard more of it.

Just before Vernian Process (♥) came on, I found Captain Robert again and he finally got to meet Leaves! This made me definitely excited. I think he was intrigued by the idea of an airship pet. I want to get custom patches for my uniforms with a giraffe on them. I’ll have to design them soon.

Vernian Process is one of my favourite bands and they did a crazy awesome set. So punk and less wave, but loved it anyway.

Then came Abney Park and I got up close and personal for this one because AP is definitely a favourite band of mine overall and I was so excited to hear Jody Ellen perform! She’s an amazing lady. I won’t compare her to Finn, but I will say that I love her, too.  The only thing I didn’t like about the set was that it was so understated, but I understand that it had to be because of the venue.

On the way back to the hotel room from the concert, my partner and I dropped in on the dance when we heard the Time Warp going on. We all looked like Transylvanians.

I volunteered in the Art Exhibition Hall for most of Sunday. The art in there is so lovely that my partner and I want to submit some for next year since we saw that none of the photographers showcased work in sepia tone and that’s what we mainly shoot in.

Then I was given ribbons to pass out and received more in return. That put my total to 33 and I am eternally grateful. I have so many ideas for personal ribbons next year that I will have to put them all in a hat and randomly pick two to have made.

The next main thing to happen was my partner met one of his favourite authors, Robin Hobb. She’s really sweet. I didn’t meet her personally, but I overheard their conversation. He also got her autograph for his mother.

We ended up leaving early because we were just feeling so worn down and I hated doing it, but he and I just needed to get home.

If you weren’t at Steamcon this year, you missed something special and amazing. I hope you can make it next year and be a part of the party.

Captain Ophelia Rose: Journal #2
captain ophelia rose
It has been exactly one week since I first met the man on the street. Since then I have found out that he truly is from the upper crust of society, his name is Lord Towers, and he has an affinity for ferrets. These are all things that I would definitely appreciate in an ally, though I would prefer him as a member of my crew. He's not first mate material, but I could tell he has a love of mechanics from the smell of oil radiating off his skin. Not exactly the mark of a gentleman, but quite refreshing to say the least.

I've come into port once again at the same spot. I know for a fact he will be here. I could see the pain in his eyes when he could not readily accept my request to join the ship, so he will definitely be here to prove himself.

Captain Ophelia Rose: Journal #1
captain ophelia rose
I am the only surviving member of the Dionysus, maybe even the whole Olympian fleet. As a Captain, this is quite shaming and humiliating but I must be alive for a specific purpose. That is my reason for resurrecting the Dionysus and searching the sky for any remnants of the Great Sky War. There must be another airship pirate in the same dilemma as me.

I will admit to sometimes hating the fact that I am alone on this ship. Well, not completely alone. I do believe that James's spirit is with me somehow.

A man followed me on the street today. I must be more careful to block my presence better and I definitely must stop forgetting to put on proper attire before going about town. I tend to forget that trousers on women is not acceptable attire here and not everyone appreciates individuality. Yet another reason why I could never go back to my old life... whatever that life was. I probably couldn't even if I tried.

Anyway, I digress. This man had an energy and presence like James used to adorn. I offered him the exact same offer I did James, as some sort of test, and I must admit that I was more than a bit crushed that he could not accept my offer. I must still be blinded by the past.

I do knowing I will be seeing him again. I am absolutely sure of that.

Character Biography: Captain Ophelia Rose
captain ophelia rose
Captain Ophelia Rose
Captain of the Dionysus and the only surviving member of that ship (and supposedly the whole Olympian fleet) after the Great Sky War. She has resurrected her airship as the Dionysus II in the name of adventure and reclaiming her honour as an airship captain. Not much else is known about her; shame keeps her retrospective in regards to her past. // "In the sky we fought a war and only clouds remain."


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